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Questions to Ask When Looking for a Memory Care Facility

Two male seniors and two female seniors are sitting at a coffee table with a smile on their faces while having coffee and a nursing assistant standing beside them is showing something on her tablet.

Alzheimer’s and other dementia patients live in a world fraught with fear, confusion, grief, and memory loss. Their loved ones or caregivers also have the difficult task of caring for them while the disease progresses.  There can come a time when a diagnosis or worsening of symptoms requires considering a memory care facility. Senior living […]

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Moving to a Senior Living Community: What to Know

a senior couple in a room full of boxes. The man hugs the woman from behind, and she holds her arms up in excitement because they have moved to a senior living community

About 16.9% of the population in the U.S. is 65 and older, with numbers expected to increase. An aging population, among other reasons, is why many older adults consider senior living communities. Senior living communities are residences that help older adults live longer, healthier lives by providing services and resources to promote independence or offer […]

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Active Older Adults: The Importance of Exercise as you Age

Two seniors go on a run to maintain their health in their later years.

One of the inevitable outcomes of aging is a reduction in mobility, strength, and muscle mass. Age-related changes can also subtly affect balance and coordination, leading to more falls and injuries. These may be some of the most common reasons older adults exercise less. But some exercise is better than no exercise. Senior living communities […]

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What Is the Difference Between Assisted Living and Independent Living?

seniors sit around tables talking in an assisted living community

While there may be some similarities between independent and assisted living, many aspects are different. Without questions, such as the following, it can lead to confusion:  What differentiates independent and assisted living?  What do they offer?  Who benefits from assisted and independent living communities? You can feel more confident when choosing based on your or […]

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Can Anyone Live in Assisted Living?

An older woman laughing and talking with a female nurse outside

When more support other than from family, friends, and senior support programs is needed, assisted living, nursing homes, continuing care, and retirement homes become options for care. Assisted living provides well-being and creates an environment where older people can live safe and connected lives.   Assisted living facilities are typically an attractive alternative for seniors and […]

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Are Assisted Living Facilities Regulated?

Recent retirees and caregivers for elderly parents may be considering a transition into an assisted living community. Before making a big move, it’s vital to research what supports are in place to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy and safe. When choosing the right community, family members should consider all the details, including your […]

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Are Assisted Living & Nursing Homes the Same?

A senior woman joins another two seniors outside while a caregiver assists her on her way in her wheelchair

Deciding on a Home: Assisted Living & Nursing Homes Deciding on the best care can be challenging without understanding your options. Many care homes offer similar amenities and share some services, making it even trickier to navigate the differences.  The most common (and distinct) options are nursing homes, assisted living, and memory care. Memory support […]

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