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When to Move from Independent Living to Assisted Living

A senior woman having a conversation with happy care taker.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer for when a senior should move from independent to assisted living. However, some signs that it’s time to make the transition include an increased risk of falls, difficulty with daily tasks, feelings of isolation or loneliness, a decline in physical or mental capabilities, or excessive caregiver stress. Assisted living may […]

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Visiting A Family Member in Assisted Living

A senior father and son enjoying a conversation while sitting on a couch

Entering an assisted living community can be a significant transition for both older adults and their families. One common question that arises is, “How often should I visit my family member in assisted living?” Striking the right balance between maintaining independence and providing support is crucial. Some considerations to help you determine the optimal frequency […]

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Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home: What to Know

A young assisted living staff serving a meal to one of their seniors.

When a loved one gets older, many families may face a difficult decision about their care. Many options are available, but the 2 most common terms are assisted living and nursing home care.  While the 2 terms are often used interchangeably, they are actually quite different. Understanding these distinctions and what programs can offer your […]

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Healthy Meal Plan for Seniors

Aging well requires many things, such as strong relationships, community engagement, a comfortable environment, and good physical health. Healthy eating is another essential part of aging well, maintaining independence, and supporting your quality of life.  A balanced and healthy meal plan for seniors should include a variety of nutrient-dense foods that can help maintain their […]

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What Is the Difference Between Assisted Living and Independent Living?

seniors sit around tables talking in an assisted living community

While there may be some similarities between independent and assisted living, many aspects are different. Without questions, such as the following, it can lead to confusion:  What differentiates independent and assisted living?  What do they offer?  Who benefits from assisted and independent living communities? You can feel more confident when choosing based on your or […]

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Can Anyone Live in Assisted Living?

An older woman laughing and talking with a female nurse outside

When more support other than from family, friends, and senior support programs is needed, assisted living, nursing homes, continuing care, and retirement homes become options for care. Assisted living provides well-being and creates an environment where older people can live safe and connected lives.   Assisted living facilities are typically an attractive alternative for seniors and […]

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