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Can Nicotine Cause Alzheimer’s?

An older adult man petting his white dog.

Alzheimer’s disease is a common form of dementia that can affect many older adults. You may have read about a debate on whether nicotine can cause Alzheimer’s. There is research to make matters more confusing. Some suggest nicotine can help prevent Alzheimer’s, while other research shows smoking (the primary method of ingesting nicotine) increases an […]

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Is Stress Associated With Alzheimer’s?

A white-haired senior man with a look of intense stress trying to cool off by sitting.

As we age, our risk of developing forms of cognitive decline and memory impairment increase, so it’s perfectly natural to want to do everything we can to avoid developing conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. This degenerative disorder is being studied to determine what factors can lead to its development, and one factor being investigated is stress. […]

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When Should a Person With Dementia Stop Living Alone?

A wallet inside the refrigerator. A man with dementia kept his wallet in a fridge instead in his drawer.

Many people in the early stages of dementia can continue living independently. Of course, they’ll need to take some precautions, but with support and care, it’s possible. However, dementia is progressive. It affects cognitive abilities, including memory, reasoning, and communication. As it progresses, people with dementia may begin to experience difficulty with daily activities and […]

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Questions to Ask When Looking for a Memory Care Facility

Two male seniors and two female seniors are sitting at a coffee table with a smile on their faces while having coffee and a nursing assistant standing beside them is showing something on her tablet.

Alzheimer’s and other dementia patients live in a world fraught with fear, confusion, grief, and memory loss. Their loved ones or caregivers also have the difficult task of caring for them while the disease progresses.  There can come a time when a diagnosis or worsening of symptoms requires considering a memory care facility. Senior living […]

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