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Healthy Meal Plan for Seniors

Aging well requires many things, such as strong relationships, community engagement, a comfortable environment, and good physical health. Healthy eating is another essential part of aging well, maintaining independence, and supporting your quality of life.  A balanced and healthy meal plan for seniors should include a variety of nutrient-dense foods that can help maintain their […]

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Moving to a Senior Living Community: What to Know

a senior couple in a room full of boxes. The man hugs the woman from behind, and she holds her arms up in excitement because they have moved to a senior living community

About 16.9% of the population in the U.S. is 65 and older, with numbers expected to increase. An aging population, among other reasons, is why many older adults consider senior living communities. Senior living communities are residences that help older adults live longer, healthier lives by providing services and resources to promote independence or offer […]

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Active Older Adults: The Importance of Exercise as you Age

Two seniors go on a run to maintain their health in their later years.

One of the inevitable outcomes of aging is a reduction in mobility, strength, and muscle mass. Age-related changes can also subtly affect balance and coordination, leading to more falls and injuries. These may be some of the most common reasons older adults exercise less. But some exercise is better than no exercise. Senior living communities […]

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